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Who is K?

What a loaded question! A mum, a wife, a lawyer, a friend, a woman, a sister, a daughter, a cat owner (multiple), a traveller, a reader of urban fantasy books, food lover, adrenaline junky (to an extent!) - and a mish mash of more!

But how is this all relevant to my blog? Well, what weirdo likes to research and plan - this weirdo right here! I like spending time planning and brainstorming holidays, little excursions, classes, party ideas and so much more. 

But I feel like all this research goes to waste! So I want to offer it up on a platter to share with you all, with extra details and insights. To the parents and other adults who have no time to research (or just hate it) - here's hoping that "The Way of K" helps to make things a bit easier for you, and gives you a bit more in depth insights to help you out. 

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