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Cable Cars and Luge (Weekend Itinerary 1)

Looking for some things to do with kids?

Can be a bit tough to keep the little ones busy. Even after choosing an activity, I always wonder - anything else to do in that area after that activity? Where can we eat? I like being able to do multiple things in one area (preferably all in walking distance), rather than having to travel far from one activity to the next.

So thought this might be useful to share some suggested weekend itineraries. Let me know in comments if you think they're helpful, and I'll keep them coming!

*Note my kids were 2.5 and 4.5 years old at the time


K's Cheat Sheet

1. Take cable cars from Harbourfront Centre to Sentosa (about 10 mins ride).

  • Option to also take the cable car from Mount Faber, passed Harbourfront and all the way to Sentosa (about 20 mins).

  • If will take cable car more than once a year - recommended getting annual pass

  • Can buy online or at the ticket office (hit or miss if there'll be a line at the ticket office)

  • Open 8:45 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day

  • We usually leave in the morning and take the cable cars at about 10:30 a.m.

2. Get off at Sentosa cable car station - race down on the Luge

  • When you come out the gift store at the cable car station, the Luge is on the right (just need to cross a small road).

  • Recommend getting at least the 2 or 3 Luge and Skyride combo - so get to go down the Luge, and take Skyride (chair lift) up to the start again. We usually only take the Skyride (chair lift once), so end up finishing at the bottom of the Luge at Siloso beach (rather then back near the cable cars).

  • You can take your bag with you - my hubby had his back pack on the whole ride down.

  • Kids who are 6 or below, or below 110cm in height can ride tandem with an adult.

  • Kids must be at least 85cm in height to ride on the Skyride with an adult.

  • Open 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Sunday to Thursdays, and 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Friday to Saturday.

  • We will usually hop on the Luge at about 11 a.m., so that we can have lunch afterwards.

3. Food and/or beach

  • Finish the Luge at the bottom of the track (don't go back up the Skyride chair lift again when you're finished). The Luge track ends at Siloso beach.

  • You can grab an ice lolly at the Luge as you exit and drop off your helmets

  • There are also a few places you can eat around there, including:

    • Beach Bazaar (down the road on the left, if you're facing the beach) - sort of like a food truck experience. Thing is I think there's no indoor seating, so I haven't tried this place.

    • Sand Bar - right in front of the Luge, but this only opens at 3 p.m. from Friday to Sunday

    • Coastes - 2 mins walk to the right (if you're facing the beach).

  • Option is to also go and hang at the beach

  • We usually decide after the Luge to not eat on Sentosa, and instead take the Sentosa Express train back to VivoCity. Beach Station to get the train is just about a 5 min walk up the road from the bottom of the Luge. If you're facing the beach, turn left and go up the slope / road. Sometimes it's just too hot and the Luge and Skyride is enough sun for us, and the kids love the train.

  • If you take the Senstosa Express back to VivoCity to get food, would recommend Sushi Gei, Genki, Tempura Makino, Common Green, Wine Connection, or the Food Court. (Will be doing a separate post soon on things to do in VivoCity - look out for it!).


Cable Cars - Tickets

There are 2 separate lifts at the Harbourfront Centre that take you up to the cable cars, going in separate directions. To get the cable cars to Mount Faber, take the lifts next to the ticket window on the left. To take the cable cars in the direction of Sentosa, take the other set of lifts behind the ticket office (so if you're inside the building and facing the ticket window, go around the left side of the ticket window, then turn right and go straight - past the gym you can see in the window on your right, and get to the next set of lifts).

Cable car is free for kids 3 and under. If you take the cable car more then once a year, then it's worth the annual pass. You can get it online, or at the ticket office - it's a hit and miss on whether there'll be a line. So I'd recommend just getting it online so you can skip the queue and head straight to the lifts.

It's SG$ 45 per person for a 1 year membership, or SG$ 155 for a family (4 persons) for 1 membership (as at Feb 2023). You get unlimited cable car rides for a year (all cable car lines, including the Sentosa line), and some other discounts and offers for certain restaurants, etc. on Sentosa and Mount Faber.


Luge and Skyride

There are 4 different tracks you can take on the Luge. All of them colour coded - some of them longer, and some of them more twisty. You get the hang of it by the second ride - don't be scared to go fast! That's the fun. And our kids loved it! Our 2.5 year old and 4.5 year old at the time rode tandem with me and my husband (each of us have to of course wear a helmet). When you climb onto the Luge, they give you a quick 1 minute lesson on how to start and stop - easy peasy. Essentially push the handle forward if you want to go fast, and pull it towards you if you want to slow down/stop. It takes about 5-8 mins to get from the start of the Luge to the finish (depending on how fast you go).

I never felt unsafe with the kids on the Luge. I was more worried about the Skyride (chair lift) going back up. But it turned out to be fine. It looks a bit scary from down below, since all that's holding you and the kids back is a single locked bar - and your feet just dangle. But it's honestly just like a ski lift. Just make sure you're little one sits close to you, and with their back pressed against the back of the seat. Depending on what time you go, it can be hot! And there's no cover on the Skyride. So make sure to wear sunscreen. The Skyride takes about 10 mins.

I'd recommend getting either the 2 or 3 ride Luge and Skyride combo. You'd need to pay for the adult tickets, and then a cheaper ticket for the kids if they ride tandem. They're for 1 hour slots, so you just have to start within that hour.

It can be busy - so if you are going on a weekend, you may want to either book tickets online in advance, or just double check online that they're plenty available before heading down (it shoes you the number of free spots available for each time slot and date).

So for a 3 ride Luge and SKyride Combo - it's $32 for one, and $12 for child to ride tandem. If child has their on Luge, then need to pay the full price. (This price is for peak hours, and as at Feb 2023).

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