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Let them have Cake! K's Cheat Sheet

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Where can you order a nice, easy cake? Especially birthday cakes for little ones? A question that often gets asked. These ones are my go to - for different reasons.


White Spatula

For quick and easy, affordable, and with cool designs, I got to White Spatula. They have a website with many cake designs available, from Paw Patrol, unicorns, princesses, dinosaurs, superheroes, animals and rainbows, to more simple or fun cakes for adults. You can even get a cake of a corgi dog's butt! What more could you ask for? They also do piñata cakes - which are super fun. I got one for my husband, which looked like our cat - you use the small wooden hammer they give you to crack open the chocolate sphere, and the cake is inside with other little goodies (a bit morbid if you're cracking open an animal).

I've used them several times. It's easy to navigate the website, pick a design, choose the size, flavour, message to include on it, and then book a place, date and time for delivery. Payment is also through the website. It's all easy peasy! Once you've placed the order through their website, there's no need for any further contact or back and forth messaging - all sorted. Makes my life easier!

You can also ask them to customise a cake for you. You can also communicate with them via WhatsApp (which I always think of as a plus).

Paid SG$118, 6 inches. This one had actually been customised for us, but it's made it's way into White Spatula's standard catalogue.

Poor little cake, just before it got cracked open. Cost me SG$158 for 6. inch (2 to 4 people).

SG$ 128 for 8 inches (10 to 14 people)


Sinsations by Radhika

Great for bespoke and personalised cakes! It can be a bit more pricier then White Spatula, but I go to Sinsations by Radhika when I want something a bit more special and personal.

She's very responsive on WhatsApp and provides great service. I tell her what I'm looking for, show some photos, and she explains what she can and can't do, suggests alternatives, and provides a cost breakdown by item (so easy to add or remove any items you want). She particularly seems to specialise in little figurines.

I got a customised cake for a friends birthday, and also for my husband's birthday. They both tasted great - chocolate and peanut butter, yum!

Cost SG$189 (1kg cake - was big!)

Lost my old WhatsApps, so can't recall how much I paid for this one. But it was a hit! And super delicious - chocolate and peanut butter.


Baker's Heart

I've also tried out Baker's Heart once, as I found that they'd previously done a design that I was searching for. I took inspiration from their gallery of customised cakes, and tweaked my order slightly to meet what I wanted. It was a beautiful cake, and my daughter loved it! It was a bit on the sweet side - but that may have been my fault, as I picked rainbow flavour! It was a beautiful rainbow cake inside - but definitely sweet on sweet. I might try another flavour next time. Baker's Heart was also easy to order from and to communicate with - all on WhatsApp. Great customer service.

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